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“I had no idea that it would take so much technology to start a small non-profit. Whether it is gathering customer data, our integrated website, e-commerce, online secure payments, event registration, quickbooks integration, there are so many places that a small business can fail. I need to focus on being an expert on leading my team, not keeping up with the latest plugins. GetDynamics has enabled us to do what we do, train men, and they have been able to do what they do best, grow small business.” – Bob Loy

Tim_1_sq_1000x1000“An average day for me at the office: manage a team of sales reps, keep the office functioning, controlling our monthly numbers, hiring new employees, and don’t forget – marketing to new clients… I always say, focus on what your good at, and leave the rest for the experts. Using ‘get Dynamics’ I can focus on what I need to do. They know the CRM and database software, they know the trends of how to make our company flow. I don’t have to be an expert at IT, and database management, phones, wifi, and the rest, I can just focus on my team.” – Tim Bergeron

Justin_MV_HS_sq_1000“I travel a lot for my business, and I need to be connected at any time, anywhere. ‘get Dynamics’ has really helped me and my team be able to communicate, and collaborate seamlessly. Whether it is just implementing software we already had, more efficiently, or seamlessly blending software with other products. To have a full IT team at your fingertips, and not have the costs of one, is pretty amazing.” – Justin Masterson

  • Solar Panels
  • Variable Rate Irrigation
  • Automated Grain Dryer System
  • GPS ‘RTK’ hands free Driving Tractors
  • WIFI, Fiber Optics
  • Networked Security Cameras
  • John Deere Apex Farming software
  • Rapid Rate Flow Control Fertilization

IPF_01-11_02.indd“Here at Weaver Family Farm”, says Tom Weaver, “we have used ‘get Dynamics’ for a host of Information Technology needs. We even came up with a title for Matt, since he is around so much, Director of New Media. He handles everything on our network, and makes sure we have wireless connection to all of our buildings and equipment. As farming and automation blend, we need software and hardware solutions to keep up, so we utilize a lot of resources to stay on top of the industry. Matt is always pushing us to be cutting edge, and honestly, I never saw the need for it. But once you have technology that works, and works well, it is hard to live and work without it. For a small 3rd generation family farm of about 1300 acres in central Indiana,” Tom explains, “we have some pretty neat things going on here. Without the ‘get Dynamics’ team keeping track of it all, we would not be as out in front of technology as we are.

As I look back from where farming came from, and where it is going, the trend is is definitely following the technology.”

Chris_2_sq“With a social media connected world, my website allows me to have a central location for clients to find me. I was even trained on how to upload my own content, so now I can get job postings out on the web in real time.” – Chris Payne

Small Business Personalization, with a high tech feel.

Tom Weaver - Weaver Family Farm

Dave and his team, are really on it

Justin Masterson - Fortress Foundation

With the Click to Dial Integration, customer notes and our CRM database are all integrated. It just works.

Tim Bergeron - Plan Medigap

Look at those mountains!

Jason Elwonger - Puritan Financial

"I love telling clients to check out my new website"

Chris Payne - Cost Accounting Recruiters